Ghanbari hand-picks furnishing, lighting and accessory brands best in its class for people with a sense of elegancy, creativity and style while carrying an impeccable reputation for defining what it is to exceed one’s expectations.

Where humans can rival and command nature itself with their unbounded imagination, designing living spaces has never been constrained to supplying manufactured goods. For Ghanbari, it is nothing short of creating a world of desires and dreams blended with the expertise in aesthetics of radiant natures. For this, an unrivaled portfolio of brands ranging from representations of entry-level prestige to ultra-premium luxury life styles has been built with the uttermost joy and care.

All of our partners represent the pinnacle of craftsmanship while their attention to detail is incomparable to any alternative. At the heart of Ghanbari is the passion for exceeding excellence, infused to the very DNA of our selections.

All of these qualifications are the reasons that what Ghanbari offers will be seen with an ever increasing admiration, making time the best asset for its creations.

This is precisely why we claim that Ghanbari shall always offer the antique pieces of tomorrow.

E. 1987


What began 29 years ago with collections of frames has grown into a project of dreams redefining what it is to offer A to Z services. After 20 years of experience in the frame business bringing up new inquiries from architects, contractors and hotel owners, Mr. German Ghanbari, founder of Ghanbari in 1987 have decided it was time to lead the company’s direction from an Istanbul based importer to an internationally renowned home luxury brand selector.

Today, Mr. Ghanbari is wandering non-stop all around the world to pick the perfect pieces for your living spaces. He and his professional expert team work with only the architects, contractors and hotel owners best in their class by choosing a wide range of top-notch brands in the field of furnishing, lighting and accessory.


Framed with universally accepted morals and the most benevolent intentions, a painting of Ghanbari's work history outshines one unique colour the most: Perfection of passion. As we are drawing near another cornerstone of our journey, a point of celebration for our 30th anniversary, the pride taken in how Ghanbari had become a name remembered with craftsmanship with a personal connection only propels us forward in the path that lies ahead. Our service is the highest expression of our moral values, coming from a natural instinct built within a culture of hospitality and understanding. For that, Ghanbari builds a genuine relationship and an emotional connection with its partners and guests.

What unifies the framework outlined by Ghanbari and the splash of radiant colours people come to us with is a bond of triple helix consisting of mutual respect, a shared worldview and a common gusto between contemporary perception and artisan traditions.


Ghanbari aims to be sector-leading in welcoming, understanding and serving its visitors. An initial meeting is held to obtain a thorough understanding of architects’ and interior designers’ needs and style. Our brand-specific presentation skills and consultancy services enable us to arrive at unique solutions for clients.


Founded in 1987 by German Ghanbari, Hazar Group has turned into an internationally renowned home luxury brand selector and exclusive service provider from an Istanbul based importer.

We use an innovative and research-oriented approach to transfer our know-how in primarily focused on furniture, lighting and accessories; also various luxury services into our business. Currently, we curate over 150 brands such as Christopher Guy, Munna, Ginger and Jagger, Reflex, Longhi, Boca Do Lobo, Koket, Delightfull.

A major part of Hazar Group’s philosophy remains based on Mr. Ghanbari’s methods; keen attention to details, day-to-day organizational principles, hard work and warm hospitality. Today, we stay focused on representing and spreading the word of our partners; dedicated to matching them up with people who have a range from entry-level prestige to ultra-premium luxury.

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